Healing for Business

He was doing everything right, doing what the marketing gurus were telling him. He was miserable, exhausted and broke.

If this sounds like you, read on.

I knew that what was blocking him were energetic blocks. This means that while he was using all the “right” techniques, nothing would work until we addressed the energetic component of his business. We had to look at his life and his hidden misconceptions about how life had to be.

From living with his parents to having a six figure business and patients he loves.

As we worked together, his whole life began to shift: he got in touch with his hidden beliefs about life, such as “Life has to be hard. I need to work all the time. I can never make a mistake. I have to do it all myself. If I get too ‘big’ and successful, my brother will be jealous.”

Sound familiar? As we cleared these hidden blocks, one by one, he has been able to be who he really is. The result: his whole life and business are now growing. He went from living with his parents to having a six figure business and patients he loves!

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Why is energy healing essential for professionals, speakers and entrepreneurs?

Whatever happened in your life, every belief or feeling you have about life, is held in the cells of your body.

And it shows up in your energy.

You can be doing all the “right” things, but if you are not aligned with what you’re offering, or if you have self doubts or hidden beliefs about your work life, it will show up in your business. It will show up at work. It will show up on stage. It may show up as strange physical conditions. You can actually become allergic to your job!  

When you clear, charge and balance your energy, both your business and life will shift.